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CD or DVD package design

It's been a while since I updated this blog of mine, but this post have been brewing for quite some time. Last autumn I downloaded the Phantom-serial from 1943 from the I burned a DVD with the episodes and then I thought if I could do something more creative than using a regular CD-case for the disc. I know that this is a somewhat antiquated way of looking at things, when you now adays have everything online or on your computer. But what can I say, I'm old-school! I like the tactile experience! This is my first foray into package design, and I must say that I enjoyed it greatly!

So for this project you need:

One sheet of paper, I've used 120g A3 (29,7x42 cm) from Canson. I found it quite foldable and easy to work with. I'm not sure if you need to use a fancy paper, the thicker it is, the harder it is to fold.

One pair of scissors or a knife for cutting, I ran with the scissors this time...!

A ruler.

Pencil and eraser.

A discarded disc might be useful so that you can try out the design without using the real disc with valuable information on it.

Alright, the measurements are to the mm, I'm not sure if you have to be so meticulous, but these measurements worked for me!

You got everything? Great, lets get started!

We need to cut away everything that we won't need for this case from the sheet of paper. The total paper area needed for the design is 39,6 x 27,1 cm.

As you see my paper had these riffs-raffs from the spiral bounding, so I measured 2,2 cm from the top. And no, I am NOT a photographer!!!!!

Every measurement from now on is from the new cut paper size.

Measure 12,1 cm from the top, and 17,3 cm in from the right and draw straight lines; as on the picture above.

Starting with the vertical line that we got from above at 12,1 cm down on the paper, measure 2,5 cm from the right and draw a straight line; this line will meet another line, so keep calm!

From the bottom of the paper measure 15,4 cm from down up, and 17,3 cm from the right into the paper. And draw straight lines, as on the picture above. What we have measured now is what we don't need, so now it's the time for cutting or using the scissors!

When we are finished cutting, we will have something that looks kind of like this! That part that looks like some sort of "T" is what we will use!

Yes, there you have it! But we are not done with the pencil or the ruler just yet! To be sure that the folds get to the right place, if you have the paper like above please turn it one quarter clockwise!

Now we have to mark where the folds will be. From the top, mark and draw a broken line at 11,5 cm.

From the left, draw a boken line at 12,3 cm, like on the picture above.

Further on your left mark and draw a broken line at 2,2 cm.

From the bottom, mark and draw a broken line at 3,2 cm.

And further up, mark and draw a broken line at 15,4 cm.

If the measurements are on the right place you will know have an area in the middle that is 12,3 cm, from the left and into the paper. Sort of the diameter on a disc...fancy that....!

At all the broken lines, make a fold! When you have done that you will have something that looks like this! If you don't, then something might have happened. Check the measurements and the size of the paper, and try again!

Now, make the first fold! And make the second fold!

Make the third fold! I know it's fairly obvious what is happening, but I'm so excited!!!!!

Make the fourth fold!

Make the fifth fold! This fold is what keeps this design together without glue or scotch-tape, so it is an important fold!

And now it's all folded and done! What you need to decide now is what side you want to have as your front and back. As you can see one side is very plain and one will not be as plain and smooth looking. I choose the plain and clean side for my front. And where I will do the cover illustration.

The back side.

This design has a little technicality that I will show you now. Above you see the broken line for the first fold. This fold, can be adjusted so that the disc will fit more or less snuggly in this package design. I did not have to adjust it using these measurements that I have shown you now. But if you feel that you want to adjust it slightly, then this fold is where to start. Important point, if you adjust it, be sure to check if you need to make adjustments for the fifth fold, so that your adjustment will be as good as you intended!

Yeah so I took three pics of the disc into its new home and this one is the least worst...! My camera hates me!

Since the reason for this package design was the Phantom serial, I wanted my cover to be of the Phantom. Since the serial is from 1943, I wanted a picture from a Phantom comic of that time. The best picture that I could find in my collection was from a Sunday adventure from 1941-1942 by Lee Falk and Ray Moore called Luftpiraternas återkomst in Swedish and Return of the Sky Band in English. I liked this panel because it kind of resinates to the serial, where the Phantom runs and sneaks about in the jungle.

Take care!

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